The story of TIDY


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 Er was eens een doodgewone boekenkast. Na vele trouwe opberg-jaren, werd hij door zijn eigenaar naar de tweedehands winkel gebracht. En zoals het vaker gebeurd, kocht niemand hem en werd hij in de container gegooid. Die dag echter, werd de boekenkast gevonden door een ontwerper en een industrieel ecoloog van Upstyle Industries, die toevallig op

New Product Coming Up!


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Lately we have been working at Snijlab on a new product: a post box. Still,  the waste wood from second hand shop Het Goed is our only ingredient. The post box is an organiser that can be used to sort out your mail and paperwork. It can be hung on the wall or placed on your desktop. As the material comes

Re-Materialize workshop: dag 2


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Waar vind je materialen voor upcycling? Vandaag lieten we het klaslokaal achter ons om een aantal van de beste plekken in Rotterdam te ontdekken waar materialen voor hergebruik te vinden zijn. We namen een kijkje bij de Buurman, een unieke tweedehands bouwmarkt aan de Keilewerf. We bezochten Scrap, een groothandel voor industrieel afvalmateriaal. En tenslotte hebben

Re-materialize workshop van start!


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Vandaag zijn we gestart met de 3-daagse workshop Re-materialize. Een sessie met lezingen, ontwerp oefeningen, een excursie en experimenten rondom hergebruik van materialen. Tijdens dag 1 hebben studenten van de Willem De Kooning Academie zich laten inspireren door talloze voorbeelden van materiaalhergebruik en productie technieken. Voorbeelden komen uit de wereld van product ontwerp, maar ook

Waarom Heb Jij Nog Geen Kistkruk?


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Sign up to the Waarom Heb Ik Nog Geen Kistkruk mailing list to enter the lottery. [Leave your email!] #waaromhebiknoggeenkistkruk

Don’t miss us at the Dutch Design Week


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We are counting the days to the Dutch Design Week 2015 in Eindhoven. Do come see and touch our brand new batch of Kistkrukjes, learn about the Upstyle journey, and, of course, say hello to us. Where? In our proper exhibit Brand new second hand, which will be at Future Footprints by Material Sense. Kruisruimte, zone

Social enterprised


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We’ve always felt part of a bigger movement, but this week we officially joined the movement. Upstyle Industries entered the BOOST programme of Social Enterprise NL, the “branch organisation” of impact-driven businesses in the Netherlands. Good news for us, because we are going to get some trainings, coaching, access to a network of idealistic businessmen like us, and, last but

Kistkruk factory


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We just came back from the social workshop in Drenthe where the first batch of kistkruks will be produced. That’s where they’re getting ready to give the upstyle makeover to the spare furniture from the local second hand shop! Check out the first shots of the first tests below, looking good already, he?

The relevant personal stuff assessment


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Today, Koningsdag, cities in the Netherlands are turned into a big garage sale. On the streets, a never-ending exposition of anything we have got in our homes that we don’t really need*. Thousands of tons of stuff. What can’t be traded for a few coins ends up in the container. It’s like condensing in a few hours

Looking for name suggestions!


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Our first product, is looking for a name for its official launch. Suggestions anyone? It’s a storage/stool made of recycled wood, so far we’ve been calling it Kistkrukje (cheststool in Dutch) or Bob. Bob the box. How should we call it? Kistkrukje Bob de Box <your suggestion here…> Leave your vote on our facebook poll!

Anudando: weaving a reuse design story in Mexico


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Last week Upstyle Industries worked with Anudando, Mexico City. A startup that is turning plastic waste into wonderfully crafted textiles. They work with Mexican craftsmen, the ones in Mexico who have the hands, the eyes and the knowledge to develop fabrics that will blow your mind. Traditional crafts communities are vulnerable as well, having to

Design for urban miners: the TU Delft minor team.


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In the second half of 2014 four students from the BSc Industrial Design Engineering of TU Delft worked hard on our challenge: design a product that can be mass produced from widely available second hand materials. For more than six months they designed and analyzed, built prototypes and thought of user experience. Here are some

Upstyle @ Dutch Design Week 2014


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Come to see us at the Circular Economy Hotspot of the DDW 2014, we are there with an exhibition + a workshop on thursday 23. The CE Hotspot is supposedly the biggest circular economy event EVER, and they went all crazy with an eight day programme of 150 speakers, plus exhibitions. You will not regret it.

Upstyling the Economy


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Upstyle designs are not just products made from waste materials. We believe that in order to successfully reuse materials, we have to use common sustainable design methods and add some of our own standards. The visual above shows this. We design for disassembly and repair, do not use toxics and are in favour of natural or renewable materials. Upstyle

Clay Paint Alchemy


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Today we are testing new clay paint mixes for our furniture…

Materials in 2nd hand shops


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Second hand shops are not only a place to find inexpensive or curious objects. They are the end station of all the stuff we bring into our homes, and, therefore, an endless repository of raw materials. We see second hand shops as urban mines… Loving it? Are you a designer? Do you run a second hand shop?

Upstyled waste hierarchy


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We upstyled the waste hierarchy to give more space to reuse in waste management and in waste policy. Many options can be considered before starting to grind valuable materials.

Do we buy too much stuff?


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See here our Australian brothers and sisters examining piles of city leftovers like we did, and promoting the Buy Nothing New Month.

Gevestigd in Rotterdam


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