Social enterprised

Posted on: 2015-07-15

We’ve always felt part of a bigger movement, but this week we officially joined the movement. Upstyle Industries entered the BOOST programme of Social Enterprise NL, the “branch organisation” of impact-driven businesses in the Netherlands.

Good news for us, because we are going to get some trainings, coaching, access to a network of idealistic businessmen like us, and, last but not least, people who stand up for us in front of the government. We just went to their headquarters in Amsterdam and had a nice talk with Marijt and Jiska, who gave us the secret tips for succeeding – while we tried to sell them Kistkrukjes.

We are on the map

We are now on the map of Dutch social enterprises.

For those who were wondering, a social enterprise is a company that is primarily motivated by doing good for society, rather than profit. Check out their book: Verbeter de Wereld, Begin een Bedrijf, in Dutch, or Social Enterprise Unraveled, in English.