Reuse design report

Good news! Our cities are full of unused resources that we can turn into green sexy products.

More good news! We know what is available, and we know how to  reuse-design it in a sustainable* way.

Even more good news! We took photos, we worked out the numbers, we looked for examples, we wrote it all down. And now we are giving it away as a gift!

(* with reuse-design in a sustainable way we mean in a way that really saves a lot resources and can actually be scaled up to tackle the urban waste mountain and put resource saving products in everyone’s home)


Part 1, Concepts, looks at this question: how to make reuse-design a sustainable solution to waste and resource problems?  Here you can find information about the various benefits (and costs) of reusing different materials in alternative ways.


Part 2, Materials, looks at the “back-end” of second hand shops as an urban mine that is present in every city. Here you will find a material library of the thousands of tons of what is collected by second hand shops and does not get sold.



So it’s your turn now, go make it happen!

Graphic design by Rowan Heijsteeg


Year: 2014

Research: Pietro Galgani, Lizanne Dirkx, Lodewijk bosman

Available at: online download