Wood Guide.org

An eco-design library for woodworkers

The Wood Guide is a website to help woodworkers make sure their wood designs contribute to a better environment. It is a collaboration between Upstyle Industries and Superuse Studios

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An ecodesign library for woodworkers


Wood is one of the most sustainable building materials, but the way we work with it can make a big difference for our health and the environment.

Upstyle Industries and Superuse Studios have developed the Wood Guide, an online library to help designers, DIY-ers and companies that work with wood and wood products (particleboard, MDF, pallets) to make it in the most sensible way, to maximize the ecological benefits and the market potential.

  • What are ecodesign tips for woodworkers?
  • What are the differences between ecofriendly woodworking products?
  • Which wood waste is safe to work with in a workshop and put back in our houses? 
  • How much energy, metal, resins, glue and paints can I add before the benefits of recycling wood are neutralized?

The Wood Guide covers the following aspects of wood reuse and eco-design, from a life cycle perspective:

  • Materials
  • Tools
  • Connections
  • Finishes